How to pick a development method

Read Time 3 mins | Mar 2, 2023 1:22:49 PM

Over the years, experts have created various methods of software development to extract the maximum benefit from the available tools and technologies. Any development methodology provides a platform for developers and IT professionals at all levels to collaborate more effectively, formalise communication, and define how information is shared within a team.

The software development methodology is critical for the team and the entire project. Therefore, we have prepared 5 tips for you on how to choose the suitable software development model.

Types of software development methodologies

A software development methodology is a specific process approach defining the route to deliver a software product successfully. There are 4 main approaches to development.


This methodology helps to minimise risks (such as system errors or cost overruns) when adding new features. In all agile methods, teams develop software in iterations that contain mini-increments of new functionality.

Iterative releases improve efficiency by allowing teams to find and fix defects and align expectations early.


DevOps is not just a methodology. It is a set of practices that support an organisational culture. DevOps is focused on reducing time to market, new release failures, and the time between patches and minimising failures while maximising reliability. Companies that use DevOps practices benefit by improving product quality and team productivity.


Perhaps the most traditional method of software development. It is a rigid linear model with successive phases: requirements, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance. Each stage must be 100% completed before the next step can begin, so this approach is relatively slow and costly due to tight control.


This compressed development process results in a high-quality system with low investment costs. This is made possible by a quick setting. This approach requires a stable team with highly qualified developers. In-depth knowledge is needed in a tight development schedule that requires approval after each milestone.

How to choose the suitable methodology

With structured leadership, the development team can handle ever-changing client requests, and misunderstandings will develop within the group. Frequent software revision must consider the project's overall impact to save time, money and effort. As a result, the client will receive a low-quality product, and the end consumer will not be satisfied.

  1. Collect all the information about your stakeholders, pay special attention to the analysis of the needs of potential consumers
  2. Choose a development methodology that fits your budget. Familiarise yourself with all modern methods, their pros and cons, if necessary - order a consultation with APIBEST specialists
  3. Pay attention to the level of flexibility offered by your chosen methodology. Modern applications with little flexibility may not survive in a changing world, as they cannot meet the client's needs quickly.
  4. Choose the most suitable time frame, for example, sprint
  5. Remember your development team's size, location, and time zone. The approach should not negatively affect the effectiveness of the team

Bottom line

Choosing a software development methodology is the first step in product planning because even small projects will only succeed with the right approach. We agree that sometimes selecting the proper procedure for project management is difficult because only some methods suit a particular type of business. The tips above may give you the right idea, but consulting with a practitioner online is even better.

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