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The most popular wheel and tire store on the Ukrainian e-commerce market. During the period of its existence since 2009, online store has received the status of a leader in sales of this category of goods.

Desktop - 5
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Automotive,Retail
Technologies:Symfony v.2,Twig, JS, Gearman, AWS, S3, Novapay API, Alfabank API, Monobank API, Novaposhta API, Delivery API
Team: Manager
About project

Rezina.CC has always been a proponent of a reliable, flexible, high availability and informative website that saves its clients' time because customers don't need to waste time shopping and searching for the right product. 


We were faced with 3 key cases in front of us. The first thing that was required of us was the creation of an automated system that would make it possible to manage the prices of goods, products and divide suppliers.

The second case that our team needed to deal with is a monitoring system that allows our customer’s to control the workload on the software and, definitely, control all kinds of business processes in the software from the inside in detail.

The third case was completely updating and correcting algorithms to prevent system errors and failures due to incorrect operation of outdated algorithms. 

The process

Correct technical solutions were proposed and implemented for all three projects. For the first case, we create a system with the function of automated pricing and calculation of prices for products depending on external economic factors. Also, an automatic calculation of the most profitable product offer for the site consumer was introduced, depending on the specified desired price for the product, delivery time and other criteria by the buyers of the product.

For the second case was developed a system  not only for tracking failures and system errors for the reason of incorrect working of algorithms, but also a flexible system for tracking current order and delivery statuses, their timely management and correct servicing customers. Also, a notification system was developed in the event of emergency situations for their quick correction.

The solution for the third case is a complete update and replacing old funcionalities on a new for the existing software, adding software scalability.

The solution
  1. Automatic pricing of goods
  2. Automation of the process of finding the most profitable supplier according to specified criteria
  3. Automatic calculation of the price of goods
  4. Building scalable online stores management software
  5. Flexible monitoring system
The result

As a result, we could mention that we got a completely new up-to-date software that meets modern standards and modern consumer needs.

By automating pricing and automatically updating the availability of goods, consumers of an online store get a real picture and view on ​​the product. Due to the system for monitoring critical software indicators and adjusting scalability, it became possible to establish control over the chain of stores on the Internet and bring customer service to a new level.

Now our client has full control over the internal business processes of the software and stable software which has become more adapted for each consumer of the site.


Alexander Evglevskij

Head of IT Department

In our modern realities, there are still no analogues of this system and our website as a whole on the market. Separately, I will note the monitoring system, each notification from it saves our time and, accordingly, money, we know in advance what needs to be corrected so that our customers 24/7/365 can comfortably place an order on the site, and we process it.
The result of cooperation with APIBEST exceeded our expectations.