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History demonstrates that exploiting vulnerabilities or flaws in the construction of infrastructure and crucial systems frequently leads to successful cyberattacks and serious security breaches. This is often when a lot of individuals start to consider how important it is to formulate and execute security responses.

A project's security system's primary objective is to safeguard resources, equipment, and services from damage, theft, or illegal usage.

In order to reduce vulnerabilities and get rid of many different kinds of cyber threats, a successful security plan employs a variety of techniques. One of them is SecDevOps, which broadens the definition of DevOps to incorporate security across the development and production processes.

The need for security cannot be overstated as software programs become increasingly intricate and prone to a wide range of security flaws. Bad programming, incorrect configuration, and other issues can result in weaknesses and configuration drift.

Each member of the APIBEST team is knowledgeable on security, which is necessary to effectively resolve these issues. We take the safety element of any workflow into account at all phases, from development to operation.

What is SecDevOps?

SecDevOps is the practice of incorporating security considerations into the development and deployment workflows, as the name implies.

Before an application is put into production, SecDevOps performs continuous and automated security testing. It offers issue monitoring to make sure any flaws are found quickly. Additionally, it employs automation to carry out security testing across the software development life cycle more effectively.

SecDevOps' main goal is to move security to the left. This implies that security is everyone's responsibility from the start, even throughout the planning stages, as opposed to building an incident response system.

Gains from SecDevOps

Security comes first at APIBEST, as it should in the contemporary digital environment. We are proactive, not reactive, in our work because of the SecDevOps concept.

We emphasize the following as some of the primary benefits of using SecDevOps at work:

Minimizing security concerns

Without a doubt, the SecDevOps methodology reduces risks by integrating security.

Teams using SecDevOps take preventative measures to avoid developing possible vulnerabilities, offering a more thorough and comprehensive approach to security.


DevOps teams may steer clear of problems that need expensive rework by concentrating on security and adhering to best practices. Post-release patches are also decreased by it.

More rapid production

It appears illogical to speed up growth by including more security measures. In the end, SecDevOps has allowed teams to concentrate on developing the program rather than spending endless time patching issues.


Services for SecDevOps

SecDevOps services are available from APIBEST for both finished products and those that are still in the early stages of development.

The architecture and stack will be extensively examined by our specialists, who will also perform a PenTest and submit a vulnerability report. Additionally, automated testing may be used for a finished product whose development is still ongoing once all vulnerabilities have been fixed.

Our experts deal with client-server and decentralized systems depending on the architecture and kind of product. We have examples of successful blockchain goods, websites, and mobile applications.

Fix security issues the proper way! Try the SecDevOps ready-to-use solution from APIBEST and finally put security first without being afraid to "shift left"!