What is maintenance?

Operational Maintenance is one of the significant phases in the life cycle of a software product in operation. Software operational maintenance involves improving, optimizing and eliminating software defects or bugs as well as ensuring stabilization after delivery.

The life cycle standard IEEE 12207 and the International Standard ISO/IEC 14764 (Standard for Software Engineering - Software Maintenance) position Maintenance as one of the main processes in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Our goal at APIBEST is to see that your software continues to function at best and remain relevant even with changing times and business operations.

When our services can help you?

For Business Owners - When you are in need of a stable software operation after delivery

For Project Managers - When you don't want to waste your developers time in identifying technical issues with your software that is in operation.

Types of maintenance

There are four main types of software maintenance any business can need

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is a responsive modification of a software product performed after delivery to correct any discovered problem.

Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance involves the modification of your software product after delivery to ensure that your software product remains useful in a changed or changing environment.

Improving maintenance

Improving Maintenance addresses concerns with the modification of a software product after delivery to improve its performance or maintainability.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance handles the inspection and modification of a software product after delivery to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become effective faults.

How it works

Clear process builds reliable maintenance.


Request for modification

We receive your request with the necessary list of tasks or a description of the problem.


Classification and identification

We assess the priority, urgency, and criticality of your requested tasks.



We analyze your software to find other errors and ways to optimize the system according to your business objectives.



We provide you with the report of the analysis for approval of the needed fixes. We design the working plan for the list of approved tasks to be done.



We implement the design of the approved maintenance.


System testing

Covering the system with tests that significantly reduces the complexity and cost of subsequent work.


Acceptance testing

Testing before release and transfer release update to the client.



The client receives a stable & reliable system update at his infrastructure.

About us

APIBEST is first maintenance company with a team of professional engineers in the field of Information Technology and Web development. At our inception in 2013, we focused on providing high-quality web services and IT-related technical and infrastructure solutions for our customers.

However, in 2017 we realized our customers’ increased needs for the quality software maintenance services that we can offer. This led us to launch a software maintenance service that is both reliable and cost-effective.

Today in our team of excellent engineers who possesses more than one-year active experience in meeting various software maintenance needs for small, medium and large organizations in Ukraine and abroad.

A few facts

108 357

Total hours of
development since


long-term projects


The number of technologies at
our disposal depending on
specific business needs

We are chosen for

Find solutions

We always provide our clients with the best solutions and help
to implement them.

Recovering failed projects

We are quick and reliable in the
recovery of software products and
ensuring stable operation.

Quality and reliability

The APIBEST team is committed to ensuring that every project
we handle is delivered with
the highest quality.


All APIBEST projects are carried out
according to the Agile methodology,
corresponding to high productivity
and flexibility.

Мaximum liability

We take maximum responsibility
for the projects assigned to us.

Achievements of goals

Every time we carry out our work,
we are helping our clients to
achieve their business goals.

We are trusted




  • 21 hours of service
  • Application monitoring
  • Process request at our Private GitLab
  • Direct communication in Slack
  • Working in your business hours



Fixes &

  • 40 hours of service
  • Application monitoring
  • Process request at our Private GitLab
  • Direct communication in Slack
  • Working in your business hours



Urgent recovery
& stabilization

1. Define and structure problem

2. Prioritise issues

3. Propose and approve action plan

4. Implement and deploy changes

  • Working in your business hours
  • In most complicated cases we can discuss your problem on engineering advisory council

From 75$/hour. Call us!

+1 (206) 787 90 75