Efficient Load Testing Services

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Did you know that efficient load and performance testing is critical to your business success? Yes, load testing not only ensures your performance excellence but also resolves any performance risk before it appears.

At APIBEST, we understand that load and performance testing are crucial elements of the success of your product – website, software application, etc., that’s why our expert and dedicated engineers would test your application performance at high loads.

They will also measure, verify, and validate the operational capabilities of your software application to ensure that you offer an impeccable customer experience.  

As one of the world’s best QA service providers, we understand the importance of load testing and performance engineering to make sure that your product can handle heavy traffic surge without a drop in performance.

Load And Performance Testing Types We’ll Perform

  • Load testing: Our load testing and performance engineers will check the behavior of your product under a set of expected load variations. This will help in identifying the number of connections that your product can handle within a specific response time. Our engineers will also identify all system bottlenecks and find out which elements are responsible for the bottlenecks.
  • Stress testing: We’ll determine the maximum operating capacity your product can handle in terms of load capacity. We will find out whether your product will still perform efficiently and sufficiently if it is loaded beyond its expected maximum capacity. This will help you to effectively plan for any potential outrages that may occur in new system connections.
  • Scalability testing: APIBEST will measure the scalability of your product – its ability to scale as more load is applied to it. This will help to determine at which point your product would stop scaling and find out the reason(s) for this. You can use the results of our scalability testing to plan for future growth.
  • Stability testing: Finally, we’ll check whether your product would remain stable over a long time of continuous use, such as 24/7 operation. This will help you to determine the likelihood of downtime and develop a maintenance plan in advance.

Detecting a performance defect and bottleneck earlier enough will drastically reduce the cost of remediation. That’s why you need to engage APIBEST for your load testing project.

Engage us today to help you test your idea right from the planning stage through the development stage into the deployment stage with the confidence of getting the maximum ROI in your solution.

We Offer Amazing Load and Performance Testing for Ecommerce Business Owners

Are you an eCommerce business owner? APIBEST understands that poor website performance can ruin your conversions, drive your customers away, and affect your overall sales and revenue. That’s why we offer amazing load and performance testing to save you from performance pains.

Our eCommerce load and performance testing service is a low-cost investment into your website performance and loading speed examination. It contributes to your customers’ flawless experience, leading to high conversions and reduced bounce rates.

At APIBEST, our method to performance testing for eCommerce is well-polished and will ensure that your eCommerce site remains stable with desired traffic load and throughout load peak times.

We understand that you want more traffics, but is your eCommerce site ready to handle high visitor flows?

How We Deliver Performance Testing for eCommerce

In case you don’t know, your website speed and performance are critical SEO factors. You can’t get away with a slow-loading webpage as time is now crucial and everybody wants a fast-loading website. Expect 40% of visitors to abandon your website if it’s not fast and takes more than 3 seconds to load.
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Aside from the fact that slow speed would hurt your business, Google admitted that it is penalizing websites that load slowly, and a recent report shows that a mere one-second delay in webpage load time can cause a 7% loss in conversions.

Our load and performance testing experts understand all these and know that your sales ability largely relies on your website’s performance and availability. That’s why we’ve arranged for you a quick and efficient performance and load testing process that unfolds in these six steps:

Defining The Load Testing Goals: Our process begins with defining what you’re interested in – your goal. Whether you want us to check the overall website functionality under usual circumstances or expected traffic load. With that, we can agree upon the number of simultaneous users before testing.

Remember, at some certain periods/seasons, your websites would experience large traffic. That’s why we recommend stress-testing and challenging your site with traffic loads that considerably exceeds the desired load.

In such a case, we’ll go beyond the average concurrent users and increase the number of simultaneous users up until the server cannot handle more loads, returns error messages, or crashes.

Confirming User Scenarios: The next step is to confirm user scenarios with your website. We’ll confirm user scenarios for 3 different website user categories – a logged-in user, a guest user, and a repeat customer. Our comprehensive user scenarios would cover:

  • Registering for or logging in to an account
  • Searching for product categories or products within the catalog
  • Browsing product details/description and selecting product variations
  • Reviewing previous orders
  • Adding items to the cart and making changes to the cart content
  • Check-out process

If need be, we would adjust the user scenarios if the user’s experience on your site has been greatly customized for your business.

Designing the Load and Performance Tests: Using the previous data obtained from your website traffic, we’ll plan the number of simultaneous website users, determine response time targets, and determine the desired test results. We can use this to customize performance test scripts for your site.

Setting Up the Environment for Performance Testing: Once the performance test scripts for your site have been made, we will proceed to set up the performance testing environment. To achieve this, we’ll research your website infrastructure to obtain full visibility to your production process. We’ll replicate this for the testing process.

Execution of Performance Tests: Now that we have created the test environment, the next step involves executing performance tests at your specified time. APIBEST is flexible even to conduct the performance test off-days and off-hours, we just need to be informed in advance.

Reporting: The last stage of our performance and load testing process is reporting. At this stage, we’ll report back to you using the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Number of simultaneous users for load testing
  • Number of requests sent
  • Hits per second –average, minimal, and maximum
  • Response time – both peak and average
  • Error rate
  • Throughput

Using the report generated from the website performance and load testing, we’ll do the following: supply you with clear call-to-actions (CTAs), optimize solutions that’ll help you get a stable and functioning website, effect plans that will help you to smoothly endure high-selling periods.

Our performance and load testing services are very affordable. Let a little investment into our performance testing process bring a huge transformation to your product performance and customer experience today.

Our Software Performance Testing Deliverable

Here are our software performance testing deliverables:

1.A defect-tracking log that ensures visibility and also facilitates the effective management of the defect-fixing process.

2.A set of reusable performance test scripts that can be used for regular control of software performance.

3.A report of the performance test results to deeply understand software reliability, stability, and resource-consumption issues and their root causes. The performance test results report includes:

  • Executing performance and load testing types with detailed descriptions.
  • Setting up performance and load test lab components and their characteristics.
  • Generating summary and numerical results/reports of performance and load test outcomes in tables and graphs.
  • Final analysis and description of software performance KPIs as well as their visualization through tables and graphs.

Our Load and Performance Testing Tools

Here are our major load and performance testing tools:

  • Apache JMeter
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

Benefits of Using APIBEST’s Performance and Load Testing Services

1.All-inclusive view of your product performance under average, expected, continuous, and stress load, including KPIs like:

  • Connect time
  • Errors per second
  • Hits per second
  • Latency
  • Maximal number of users
  • Response time
  • Throughput

2.Cost-effective services

3.Timely detection of performance defects and bottlenecks.

4.Reusable performance testing suite, leading to optimized budget and testing time

5.Performance and load testing best practices with a clear and complete test report, ensuring zero software performance issues in production.

6.Guaranteed and validated software stability under stress and peak load, ensuring a high rate of user adoption and satisfaction.

APIBEST will help to detect and eliminate any performance problem and bottleneck in your product(s) so that your products would remain stable and fully functional under both expected and peak loads.


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