The present value of custom software: Maintenance & Other Long Term Costs

Tue, 03/26/2019 - 13:46

The total cost of production, long-term maintenance and possible improvements makes everyone think about whether it is worth money paid. Permanent investment is the main condition that you have your initial investment gainful.

A huge number of modern technologies with bright interfaces often distract the attention of the buyer from the difficulties of using this product. For regular user hard even imagine how much investment has been made and how much it continues to flow into everyday applications in the devices to meet the highest quality standards. On Twitter, for instance, every day hundreds of experts work on product updates and improvements.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of updates - in our world, where technology has become the basis of our life, the main task of manufacturers is to meet the always-changing interests of users. That is why continuous funding in production, maintenance and modification of your applications is strongly recommended.

It is also worth considering that your company will develop and with this will come the need for new features and updates. Bespoke software is the best solution for developing companies because it fully meets the needs and requirements of the company. Also, the long-term support of software will ensure the complete synchronization with all possible changes in the company.

Initially, they can already be entered into the code of your main program. However, over time, the code becomes more complex and less stable. To avoid software deterioration every few years it must undergo complex refactoring. Developers should clean up unnecessary parts of the code to make it as efficient as possible for the current state of the company.

In a world where integration comes to the forefront of any business relationship, almost all custom software now communicates with at least one other system. So that when updating one program, others have the opportunity to automatically adjust to these updates.

Also it is worth considering that the languages that developers use to encode software often release updates. It is very important that your site automatically takes into account and adapts to these changes for your effective work and in order to maximise security, stability and compatibility with hardwares.

For example, Apple company removed 32-bit applications from the App Store and all companies that did not tune in to this change received thousands of calls from their users with the problem of inability to install the application on iPhone / iPad. That is why long-term maintenance is more a necessity than a desire in our time.

The main problem in the digital world is security, especially now when hacking becomes mainstream it is necessary to constantly improve this indicator in software.

An unpleasant situation happened in 2014 with the popular OpenSSL encryption software called Heartbleed, which impressed digital giants like Yahoo and Google. This error allowed attackers to steal personal information, listen to messages and much more, which were the main points of the privacy policy. For software developers, it’s safeguarding itself against such threats through proactive security audits - keeping the platform up to date and regularly evaluating any potential signs of weakness.

Long-term maintenance of software comes to the rapid development of technology. The endless need to improve your business, which requires long-term commitments, makes it an extremely profitable investment.

Why is maintenance important?

App development – Сompany growth is impossible without changes in software.

Security – Protection against hacking, which is gaining momentum today, is the main task of any developer.

3rd party updates – All programs with which your software is integrated are continuously improved and you need to be prepared for these changes and follow them to get better work and a higher level of protection.

Code efficiency – With constant updating and improving the code, it will eventually become oversaturated and less stable, to avoid potential problems, the code needs to be restructured every few years to ensure maximum efficiency and stability.


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