What Makes The Software Maintenance So Important?

Read Time 4 mins | Oct 16, 2022 7:52:18 PM

Why we should spend money on something that was once paid? After all it's been already developed. The point isn't about the changing of software it's about adaptation to new requirements of technical world.

Software maintenance is as important as the development itself. If you regularly maintain software, you will ensure your trouble-free use and good performance, less problems and adaptation to changes in the business environment.

According to statistics, when it comes to software, 60% of the cost associated with maintenance. Even from the total maintenance costs - 60% of improving the solution.

At the moment IT is one of the most relevant industry areas, and technical innovations are introduced almost every day to improve the efficiency of the solution and streamline business operations. From that it turns out that maintenance is necessary. Otherwise, your system will not be updated regularly, will cease to use the latest technology and soon will simply become ineffective.

What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance is part of the software development life cycle. The purpose of the service is to modify and continuously update software applications to eliminate all possible errors, malfunctions, to improve work efficiency and better system performance.

This is a very broad activity that occurs soon after the development is completed. It optimizes system performance by reducing errors, eliminating unnecessary development and applying innovations.

Full software development lasts at least 5 years, but maintenance continues at least 15-20 years and even more.

Software maintenance categories:

  1. Adaptive. Some changes are made to the system to ensure its compatibility with changing environments.
  2. Perfective. Checks on the fine-tuning of all elements of the system, the functionality and capabilities to improve system performance.
  3. Corrective. Detection of errors and mistakes in the existing solution and their correction to ensure the effective operation of the system.
  4. Preventive. Helps prevent potential system vulnerabilities.

Why software maintenance is required?

Software maintenance is needed for several reasons which are listed below:

1. Correction of 'bugs':

The most important part of the service is the correction of errors or in other words 'bugs'. It is very important that the software works without problems. We recommend setting this task as a priority.

This process contains the search for errors in the code and their correction. Problems can occur in hardware, operating systems, or any piece of software. This should be done without prejudice to the remaining functions of the existing software.

2. Improving opportunities for a changing environment:

This part of the service is important for improving the current functions and for making the system compatible for changing the environment.

It extends the capabilities of programs, work patterns, hardware upgrades, compilers, and all other aspects that affect the workflow of the system. Increase the performance of your system using a technically updated solution and regularly using software maintenance services.

3. Remove obsolete functions:

Functionalities that are no longer used and unnecessarily occupy the space in the solution actually reduce the efficiency of the system. Therefore, the removal of obsolete functions is necessary. These user interface and coding elements are removed and replaced with new functions using the latest tools and technologies.

This change makes the system adaptive to cope with changing circumstances.

4. Performance improvement:

Improving system performance is making in order to meet new requirements. Data and encoding constraints as well as reengineering are part of software maintenance. This prevents the solution from being vulnerable. This is not any functionality that works in operations, but it evolves to stop harmful actions, such as hacking.


You should not subscribe to annual maintenance not understanding the exact need. Carefully check the contract from all sides before signing. Check out every point that is required for your business.

Software maintenance is not an option, it is necessary. For example, take your car. If you do not serve it, it can cause many problems every year. The amount for improper maintenance of the car will cost you much more. Similarly, if you ignore system maintenance, there will be less opportunity for optimal business growth.